Top 10 Best Dog Food Brands In India


This question is one you may be asking yourself now and again: Which dog food brands are safe? Each owner wants their Dog to live a long and healthy life. We are confident that you’ll be able to find the best dog food brands in India, as recommended by experts and beloved by pet owners.

According to statistics, the Indian market for dog food has been shown to grow at a CAGR more significant than 13%. It is not wise to choose a brand blindly or despite endorsements. Although there are many options available at your local pet shop, that doesn’t mean they have high-quality products or adequate nutrition. These brands are filled with fillers that have very little or no nutritional value.

A few big players in the best dog food in India have taken over most of the market. Commercial companies won’t compromise on your pet’s health. They place a lot of emphasis on chemicals like fluoride and acrylamides that can cause serious health problems for dogs.

The health regulations for pet food are also not as strict as those for humans. You should avoid exposing your pet’s health to allergies or other types of cancers.

1. Himalaya Dog Food

This brand is the best dog food available in India. They have a high protein content, and their food is excellent for dogs. The brand claims they also use herbs like Giloy and other plants to improve the Dog’s immune system. Other potent herbs are also available that can be used to boost metabolism.

This brand uses corn as a filler. However, it isn’t harmful. When you purchase their products, you can expect to find high-quality protein, high fiber, protein, and many other macronutrients. Himalaya Pet Food will not disappoint you whether you’re shopping in the store or online.

The best thing about Himalaya dog food is its safety. It has been praised for its popularity, mainly due to the promotion and sale of organic foods.

Himalaya dog food has no side effects and contains more than 20 minerals and vitamins. This provides the best nutrition for your Dog. The food is fortified by high-quality herbs, which provide additional health benefits for the dogs. Himalaya can cater to any size dog, whether it’s a medium or large breed. View All Himalaya Products List and Price

2. Farmina Pet Foods

This brand is a top-rated dog food brand in India and has received rave reviews from pet owners. It is an Italian brand that boasts many nutritional ingredients that will benefit your Dog’s overall health. Their products are rich in rice and oats, which boost metabolism and make them easy to digest. They also contain more than 35% crude protein, far higher than any other Indian dog food product.

3. Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a famous brand for dog food. It is an excellent food for dogs, with rice being the main ingredient. This brand ensures that all components are standard and suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

The grains with a high protein content are what support or boost their products’ value. There are no signs of diarrhea or other problems that can affect dogs. The brand is strict and pays attention to the individual needs of each animal.

If you talk about the flavor of this Dog, there are many others like it. It takes great pride in making delicious foods that everyone will enjoy, even picky eaters. Dog owners love the brand’s dry food products.

While wet foods are delicious and offer the best taste, dry foods are still suitable for their digestive system. Their food contains more than 25% protein, which is higher than what is expected. However, lower protein content is not as important as it is for animal sources.

Two main ingredients are used in this brand: The brand uses two main components: moderate amounts of carbohydrates and high protein levels. It contains Gluten in some of its products, and the price is very reasonable.

4. Arden Grange

Arden Grange is the most popular dog food brand, and it lists all of its ingredients on its labels. Their dog food has a high percentage of grains, with more than 30% being rice. Ric is their main ingredient and is highly recommended when compared to wheat and corn.

The overall nutritional content of the diet is high, particularly the fat content, which is vital for the Dog’s growth. The diets are hypoallergenic and do not contain the most common allergens. They use no artificial preservatives or colors in the preservation of all the ingredients.

They use high-quality ingredients that are easy to digest, which is good news for dogs with allergies. Pet owners care about the health and well-being of their dogs, so they are careful in choosing food brands. The best part about Arden Grange food? It doesn’t have any artificial colors or flavors. However, it is high in Vitamin A.

These ingredients will help your pet grow. While some products are more expensive than others, they are well worth the investment. They are known for their natural nutrition and high-quality food products.

5. File

Fidele, a prominent Indian brand of dog food, is high-quality. They offer affordable dog food that is high in protein. The diet is fantastic and provides the best food for any dog, regardless of age or breed. It is India’s only dog food that is free of grains and highly nutritious.

Excellent food quality is evident. Attention to detail was taken to ensure that every ingredient was listed percentage-wise. This shows the brand’s concern for animals.

They believe in offering value-based dog food to pet owners without compromising on any other aspect. Their ideas were based on a variety of recipes to create nutritious and healthy dog food.

These food products are made from organic ingredients, including antioxidants, prebiotics, and omega fatty acid. They have developed food products that adhere to these standards.

6. Mars Petcare (Pedigree)

Mars Petcare is a highly-respected brand that makes dog food and is known for being the best. This brand created a massive impact in India’s dog food market when it was launched. It quickly became the preferred choice for pet owners because of its superior quality. The brand is constantly improving its product quality and creating new products.

Their main ingredients are byproducts, i.e., Gluten and corn are the main ingredients in their products. Standard filters don’t cause any discomfort or problems with digestion. They also offer products without Gluten that dogs can use with gluten allergies. This company is one of the top dog food companies in India.

7. Nutra Nuggets

Another top dog food brand is AFFCO certified. This means that it provides high quality, nutritional dog food. They offer a balanced mix of vitamins, minerals, and digestible protein. You can be sure that your Dog will receive the best food once you have purchased their products.

This brand is a top choice for dry dog food because of the ingredients used in the production. All the nutritional ingredients, including fat and protein, are present in adequate quantities. The percentage of total carbs is lower than average.

Nutra Nugget is a dry food brand that can help your pet get the best nutrition at a reasonable price. Because they know that pet owners want the best food for their pets, they make sure every detail is considered when creating these products.

8. Drools

Drools offer the best dog food brands and are fully committed to your pet’s well-being. Their facility produces high-quality food that will not only satisfy your pet’s hunger but also provide ample nutrition. After extensive research into digestibility and absorption, they have created a special diet for dogs. The brand is committed to providing your pet with great food.

This dog food brand is so famous because they don’t use any fillers or byproducts. It is easy for pet owners to obtain food products as they are reasonably priced.

Drools can meet all your pet’s nutritional needs in the most efficient way possible. You will find all your pet’s dietary needs covered, whether it be dry or wet food. This brand will give you the value you deserve and the quality you have hoped for.

9. Eukanuba

Eukanuba is another brand on this list. Although the brand’s name might seem different, they work hard to provide healthy food that doesn’t compromise quality.

They believe that a balanced diet can significantly improve the lives and performance of dogs. They use protein derived from grains and rice in their products.

This dog food brand’s main selling point is its balanced nutritional composition. It has fats-25%, proteins-30%, and fewer carbohydrates. The majority of the protein will come from corn and grains, which are very healthy and natural. They have better hygiene and regulations than other similar manufacturing facilities.

10. Happy Dog

Happy Dog is the top dog food brand. It has been around for many years. They have a lot of experience in producing premium dog food products at affordable prices. Every dog food is different and contains high-quality ingredients to support your Dog’s immune system.

This brand has the perfect products for pet owners looking to provide the best food possible. This brand of dog food has all you need to improve your Dog’s health, and it is also very affordable.

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